Sunday, January 25, 2009


The other night the Lord High Wingnut and I (Benevolent Potentate) took my son, Duke Dippy Dog to find a scratchin' post that could take care of our corn dog itch!
Originaly we went to the Clackamas Town Center to try Hot Dog on a Stick. We were taken back by the $2.75 price tag! Yep, thats right 275 pennies for just one corn dog.
From this we were able to deduct that mall going corn dog eaters are .......... well ..........MORONS! We could think of no good reason for a corn dog of standard proportion not containing any precious metals and being incapable of performing any circus tricks to cost more than $1.50. This being the case, coupled with the complete lack of effort of any HDoaS employees to serve us we retreated from the mall and headed out to 82nd ave.
We acted on a rumor that Dairy Queen had good corn dogs. As luck would have it DQ was right next to the mall. Apon arriving we were in for a second round of sticker shock. $1.99 each! This led us to our second moment of deductive reasoning............ after hour corn dog addicts are soon to be broke! So.......... realizing that our evening corn dog hankerin' put us at the mercy of unscrupulous hucksters and not wanting to waste any more time wandering the wilds of south east pdx we decided to pony up fist fulls of hard earned cash for three corn dogs. While the price was high the corn dogs didnt dissapoint. They were golden brown and from the smell and taste the fryer oil was fresh. Each of us went with the prefered condiment of the Royal Order of the Corn Dog, yellow mustard. These were your standard chicken dogs.
So in conclusion if you find your self with an evening craving for a corn dog and you have the $$$ then Dairy Queen can hook you up.

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